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Lecture and Book Signing with Peter Hannaford
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation welcomes Peter Hannaford for a lecture and book signing on his new book, “Reagan’s Roots.”  The lecture and book signing are free to attend, however reservations are required to attend the lecture.

Ronald Reagan is thought of as a Californian, a westerner, but the values that guided him all his life are straight out of the American heartland where he was born and spent the first twenty-one years
of his life: northwestern Illinois. He was the product of four generations of rural settlers. The characteristics associated with him—self-reliance, self-confidence, modesty, optimism, loyalty, tolerance, determination, good humor, and reverence for God—all came from his teachers, clergy, role models, the circumstances of his youth, and especially his parents.

Through the experiences, challenges, and adventures of his childhood, youth, and young adulthood, "Reagan’s Roots" traces the development of all these elements of his character so that the reader will come away with a better understanding of what made this man a successful and beloved president.

Mr. Hannaford’s career includes a long association with Ronald Reagan; representation in Washington of foreign heads of state and some of the nation's--and world's--largest companies; senior roles in presidential campaigns and Republican National Conventions; and authorship of numerous articles and seven books. During the five years between Ronald Reagan's governorship and California and his election as President of the United States, the firm handled all aspects of his scheduling, political liaison and editorial support. Mr. Reagan's own office in those years was in the firm's headquarters. Before that, Mr. Hannaford was Assistant to the Governor and Director of Public Affairs for Governor Reagan in Sacramento. In that position he supervised the press office, speech research office, community relations unit and the state's Office of Information Services.


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